GEOS 2008 Konferencia Prágában

Kilátás a prágai várra a Károly hídról. Kép: HUNAGI fotógyűjtemény, 2006
Mai postánkból: Dr. Milan Talich írta tegnapi körlevelében Prágából:
"We have the pleasure to inform you that the international conference GEOS 2008 will take place in Prague during 27 February to 28 February 2008. The conference will be followed by the General Assembly meeting of the Council of European Geodetic Surveyors, that will take place in Prague immediately after the conference during 29 February to 1 March 2008. At the same time the International Fair of Geodesy and Cartography GEOS 2008 will be held during 28 February to 1 March. We take the honour to invite you this way to take part in the conference and fair.
The conference will be focused on the following subjects:
Wednesday, 27 February:
1) Our Profession in Europe without Barriers
2) Geoinformation and GIS, Cartography and Map Creation
3) Navigation Systems and Services Based on Location
Thursday, 28 February:
4) Basic Geodetic Control and Geodetic Work
5) Cadastre of Real Estate
6) Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
By the same letter, we appeal to you to send minutes of your papers to the conference in accordance with the above mentioned professional fields. Your papers should reflect the feature conference motto: Our Profession in Europe without Barriers .
Abstracts of papers in company with the names of authors have to be submitted to
Jitka.Jurkova@vugtk.cz by 10 December 2007 at the latest. Enclosed please also find the presentation format requirements. The length of abstracts should be of about 10 to 40 lines. Information on submission of any paper to the conference programme will be given to you till 5 January 2008, and the full text of your paper has to be sent by 31 January 2008. Your presentation should not last longer than 25 minutes. It is also possible to send up papers for poster section.
Other information dealing with the conference will be included in the second circular, or you can find it at
www.vugtk.cz/geos. At this address you can further find information on registration for the conference that will be opened during January 2008. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the above written e-mail address. "

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