CASCADOSS EU projekt folytatás-eseménye Varsóban

CASCADOSS Nemzetközi Információs Műhely
Warsaw, 17-18 June, 2008
Ugyancsak a mai postánkban érkezett az előbbiekben meghírdetett CASCADOSS EU projektesemény folytatása ugyancsak Varsóban. Podolcsá Ádám írja:
"Kedves Gábor!
Ez a workshop a korábbi levelemben említett szimpóziumhoz kapcsolódik, és június 17-18-ig kerül megrendezésre.
Szeretnélek kérni, hogy a HUNAGI tagságát értesítsd erről.
Üdv: Ádám"

Thehát maga az információ: "International Information Workshop
The rationale and leading element of the International Information Workshop will be to discuss – with a group of experts – the various issues and topics raised at the preceding International Symposium. The discussions will be followed by training sessions in working groups, devoted to a further analysis of topics defined during the expert debates. Representatives of the following groups and institutions will be invited as experts/keynote speakers to the event:Open-Source community;members of consortia implementing EU projects;business representatives who develop their GIS services using open-source software solutions;representatives of the public sector (national agencies) who will present ways in which the government agencies can support (or already support) implementation of open-source solutions in self-governments and other entities. At the Workshop, working group sessions in computer labs will also take place, with the purpose to discuss the outcomes of the assessment of available GIS&RS OSS solutions, and familiarizing the participants with environmental applications using GIS&RS OSS.Useful information Registration:For registration, please use the electronic registration form available at the Project website. Using this form, any prospective participant can register for either of the events (Symposium or Workshop), or for both. Please, note that participation in the International Information Workshop is limited to 40 participants, registrations will be done on the "first come – first serve" basis.Deadline for registration: 2 May 2008Participation in the Workshop is free of charge (no registration fees). Language:All presentations, sessions and other activities at the Workshop will be conducted in English. Similarly, all materials developed for/at the event will be in English. Travel and Accomodation: Travel and accommodation arrangements are upon own discretion of the participants. Travel and accommodation costs are not covered by the organizers. Please, visit the Accommodation section on the Project website for information that you may find helpful in your arrangements. Note for students: the organizers have arranged a limited number of budget-priced double rooms (about 20 Euro/person). Please, contact us directly if you are interested. The reservations will be made on the "first come – first serve" basis. Please, be ready to share your room with another person.Presentations on Day 3:The participants are welcome to prepare short (up to 15 minutes) oral presentations for the third day of the International Information Workshop. If you wish to have a presentation, please indicate this in the registration form. Please, note that the organizers reserve the right to make a selection of presentations in case their number would exceed available time limit. Meals:Free lunches will be provided at both events.Participation in the social programme (that includes dinner) costs 30 Euro, payable directly to the organizers at the event. The social programme will be organized at both events so if you choose to participate in both, this would amount to a 60 Euro fee. Other matters:Wireless Internet access (WLAN) will be available at the Workshop – therefore, the participants are encouraged to bring along their laptop computers, which may greatly facilitate training activities carried out in the computer lab. More info:-- PODOLCSÁK Ádám6721 Szeged, Kálvin tér 2.tel: Email: adam.podolcsak@gmail.com"

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