Távérzékelési nagyrendezvény jövő nyáron Stresaban

Stresa, waterfront look. Image: HUNAGI Visuals resource, 1999

33rd ISRSE Symposium: 
Stresa, Italy; 4-9 May 2009

Mai postánkból: Jelle U. Hielkema FAO szakértő írta többek között az UNSDI hálózat képviselőinek:
"Dear all,
As a member of the Programme Committee for the above Symposium I should like to ask you if you could distribute this first announcement, received today through your respective mailing lists. I saw that Mike already had an early announcement for the Symposium on his unsdi.es website and can update accordingly. A Call for Papers with more backgound information is to follow soon.
Many thanks for your action on this which promises to be an outstanding issue of this longstanding global event!"

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