Közös EUROGI-INSPIRE-CAGI és PROGIS konferencia Prágában

Regionális konferencia Prágában
2009. május 12-13

Barkóczi Zsolt elnökünk továbbította a rendezvényt ismertető linket, amely a címre kattintással érhető el.

A cseh szervezőktől várjuk a visszajelzést, hogy eddig kik regisztráltak Magyarországról. A rendezvényról eddig kétszer adtunk hírt, azzal a szándékkal, hogy a regionális jelentőségű eseményen a hazai eredményekről minél többen számoljanak be.
Walter Mayer PROGIS főnök a következő levelet küldte ma reggel:
"Dear Mr. Gabor Remetey-Fülöpp
End of March we have invited you to take part in the International PROGIS
conference 2009, which will be hold as joint conference with INSPIRE, CEE
and ISAF conferences on May 12th - 13th in Prague. If missing, please click here to get the invitation.
With this newsletter we want to inform you, that the registration is already
opened and that you may join all three events with just one registration.
Please click at: http://www.isaf.cz/index_en.php?iMenu=90
If you consider that nearly 80 % of all existing data do have a geographic
reference, you can imagine how many business-activities could profit by
linking them to geo-data.
At this point we want to emphasize, that MICROSOFT´s Virtual Earth technology
(worldwide raster and vector data) is embedded now into all PROGIS software
products. With it, PROGIS is able to provide you with All in ONE solutions -
Geographic information systems (GIS-Software WinGIS), Applications for rural
areas, Geographic data, Consulting and Training.
Here we list some of users advantages and benefits - more will be presented
in Prague:
* Software developers can easily integrate a GIS (WinGIS SDK available) and
Virtual Earth into their application.
* Each WinGIS-project can be developed and visualized on Virtual Earth Data
* The use of Virtual Earth data is price competitive for most of the applications
* Each logistics, precision farming, risk- and resource management project as well
as advisory solutions or regional expert-project may start immediately - as there is
no further geo-data procurement process necessary.
* Etc. etc.
Convince yourselves and come to Prague - we look forward to see you.
Best regards
Walter H. Mayer"

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