HUNAGI és FÖMI VinGIS poszter az ENSZ térinformatikai redezvényén

Összefogalás folyamatosan hamarosan.
A megnyitó napján a HUNAGI részéről a következők hangzottak el, mlyről értesítést kaptak a HUNAGI és EUROGI vezetői, valamint az eSDI-NETplus koordinátora is:
On the opening day HUNAGI contribution was expressed by generating a question and made three interventions as reported to HUNAGI, EUROGI and eSDI-NETplus project coordinator as follows:
"As observer, representing HUNAGI, the Hungarian Association for Geo-information and the European Organisation of Geographical Information I would like to share my opinion. The availability, accessibility and usability of spatial data is crucial for GIVAS. Taking into account the regional expertise and lessons learned is highly recommended for GIVAS in the SDI context. In case of Europe, SDI is more institutional arrangements and legislation framework. Main point is the share of geospatial data in the European case f the INSPIRE directive as it was highlighted by Prof. Mauro Salvemini, President of EUROGI during the UN Regional Cartographic Conference held in New York last August (EUROGI as leader international NGO in Europe in this field) met together with other regional representatives as PC IDEA and PCGIAP with UN HQ staff members and he will emphasize to build on lessons learned in SDI at the next regional UN conference in Bangkok next week."
I made two other interventions yesterday one related to the presentation given by John Latham of FAO asking him to summarize shortly the potentials of use of SDI/GI/EO to facilitate the fight against the poverty and hunger worldwide. The fact is the number of people suffering from hunger is reached the one billion and the trend is controversial with the UN Millenium Goals.
Other intervention emhasized to consider to taken into account the best practices gained on local to national SDI service solutions e.g. in Europe, where a project called eSDI-NETplus is underway. This project gathered over 160 subnational thematic SDIs and analysed according to an elaborated methodology under EUROGI leadership and the ranking of the best practices will be happen at the conference in Torino next month which is recommended also for UN experts to attend.

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