Hivatalos sajtótájékoztatás a Legjobb európai SDI gyakorlat konferenciáról

Napi postánkból. Swetlana Fast (TU Darmstadt) írta mai levelében:
"Thank you very much for your contributions to the SDI Best Practice Award Conference held in Turin last week.
Please find enclosed the press release about the conference and the list of the winners for your information. Please feel free to distribute it among your contacts, mailing lists and in the press. In the case if you publish articles, papers etc. about results related to the Award or eSDI-Net+ activities, we would highly appreciate if you send us a copy of your publication or link to the according website.
The press release has been published at the project website in the news section under http://www.esdinetplus.eu/news/archive.html#1 . You can find more details about the Award in the Get involved section under http://www.esdinetplus.eu/get_involved/award_2009.html .
Thank you very much for your efforts."
A sajtótájékoztató elérési helye a címsorra kattintással is lehetséges.

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