Közelmúlt egyes műholdas távérzékelési adatainak hozzáférési lehetősége Magyarországról

Mai postánkból. Közérdekű kereskedelmi felhívás műholdas földmegfigyelési adathozzáférhetőség témakörben:
"Dear Colleagues,
Please be so kind to take a minute reading through my notice and might like to
share this information with your colleagues from other units as well.
Our company is the only geospatial solutions provider to own and operate a
constellation of five identical Earth Observation satellites, providing a
tremendous advantage for imagery collection.
For example, in the scope of our "Background Mission" we covered Hungary
extensively during the last months and are able to provide frequent cloud free
coverages over large areas with 5 Meter resolution imagery at a very
competitive price.
You can find some general information about our data specifications by
reviewing the attached PDF.
Please do not hesitate to request sample imagery or a budget quote for a
specific project region you might be working on.
You might as well like to further distribute the information within your
organisation if you think that would be of interest.
I am looking forward to exchange ideas and views with you.
Sincerely yours,
Clemens Stromeyer
Clemens Stromeyer
RapidEye AG
Molkenmarkt 30
14776 Brandenburg an der Havel
Phone +49  3381 8904 546
Fax +49  3381 8904 556
Email: stromeyer at rapideye.de

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