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For your info: OCG Media-partner TheWhereBusiness, has been working with key executives from several OGC members and industry specialists on a Location Intelligence Insight Report. The organisations include Bloomberg, Oracle, ESRI and the Centre for Spatial Law and Policy.  As described by TheWhereBusiness: "The Location Intelligence Insight Report offers some expert overviews for getting the most from your data, exploiting the open phenomenon and the best business models to turn information into profit."   http://www.thewherebusiness.com/locationintelligenceusa/pdf/LocationIntelligenceReport.pdf?utm_source=OGC&utm_medium=External+email+&utm_term=2058+Content&utm_content=Report+&utm_campaign=Location+intelligence+USA   ----------------------------------------------------------------- Best regards, Catharina Bamps, Secretary General  www.eurogi.eu Tel.:+32.16.322.946 Mobile:+32.484.485.100      

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