Tárcaközi egyetértés az amerikai szövetségi térinformatikai platform kiépítésének ütemezését és üzleti tervét illetően

Mai postánkből. Talán adhat némi inspirációt a hazai tárcaközi téradat infrastruktúra testület munkájához. Kate Lance PhD (Yale Egyetem) írja a GSDI Legal&SocioEcon levelező fórumán írja:

FGDC Steering Committee approves Geospatial Platform Business Plan
On September 20, 2012, the FGDC Steering Committee approved the Geospatial Platform Business Plan. The final version of the plan describes a clear path forward for the build-out of the Platform, the interagency funding strategy, and an inclusive governance model.
Geospatial Platform Business Plan (redacted) (pdf, 1.1mb)
This version contains the same content except for the redaction of the pre‐decisional funding estimates in the “Costs and Funding Options” section.

The Business Plan for the Geospatial Platform (Business Plan) complements the Modernization Roadmap for the Geospatial Platform (Roadmap) and the Value Proposition for the Geospatial Platform (Value Proposition) by serving as a “what and how” document, providing an overview of the operational elements and the organizational structure of the Geospatial Platform. It addresses important issues such as the governance framework and funding options for the Geospatial Platform.

The Business Plan aims to provide insight into the proposed operations of the Geospatial Platform so that agency decision makers will commit to its startup, and support its growth and evolution. The Business Plan includes the following sections:
  • Geospatial Platform Value Proposition: provides an abridged version of the Value
    Proposition including the value and benefits of the Geospatial Platform.
  • Background: explains initiatives of the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) preceding
    the Geospatial Platform.
  • Concept of Operations (ConOps): provides an overview of the scope of the Geospatial
    Platform, its offerings, and how customers and users can interface with and contribute
    content to the Geospatial Platform.
  • Governance and Organizational Approach: describes the Geospatial Platform’s proposed
    governance model and some priority roles and responsibilities for key Geospatial Platform
  • Funding Models and Costs: provides an overview of anticipated costs associated with the
    Geospatial Platform and describes the proposed tiered cost sharing model based on usage
    and other funding models considered along with the advantages and disadvantages of each
    model. The functionality requirements for the Geospatial Platform continue to evolve,
    therefore, the costs shown in this section are the best estimates available at this time.
  • Risk Management: discusses approaches to identifying and managing risk associated with the
    Geospatial Platform, and reporting on the status of risks identified with startup.
  • Measuring Performance: describes an approach for performance management and
    developing performance metrics for the Geospatial Platform and provides an initial set of
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