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Call to the cooperation in photogrammetry and remote sensing „CZECH INICIATIVE“
The Czech Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing presents a proposal for large cooperation in the below listed themes of scientific problems to specialists of photogrammetry and remote sensing
1. Remote sensing application for extraction of geographical objects for national geographic information systems
The working group will co-ordinately follow development of theory, tools and technologies of mapping, and geographic data collection by remote sensing tools. The data sources are digital cameras, multispectral and hyperspectral sensors, laser scanners and radars. The working group will propose analysis of research and developing tasks in the framework of specialised societies of participating countries and will urge for coordinating applications of modern methods of remote sensing in these countries.
Responsible person in the Czech Republic - Ing. Karel Brázdil, CSc., Czech Office of Survey, Mapping and Cadastre, Pardubice, tel: +420 466 023 425, e-mail: karel.brazdil@cuzk.cz .
2. Ensuring of metrologic traceability of photogrammetric and laser scanning system for the survey activities.
The working group members will develop a cooperation in application of traceable measurements systems and their implementation into uninterrupted sequence of transmission of a quantity value from etalon of the top metrological quality whose goal is to ensure unity and correctness of measuring equipment and measurement. The group will deal with technological and economical problems connected with metrology and calibration processes in photogrammetry and laser scanning to coordinate a participation of existing centres to cover all spectrum of present metrological technologies in the whole geomatics, and thus fulfil the condition of special quality level and unification of measuring equipment and measurement.
Responsible persons in the CR application method of spatial data collection (photogrammetry and 3D scanning) – Prof. Dr. Ing. Karel Pavelka CTU in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Mapping and Cartography tel: +420 224 354 651, e-mail: pavelka@fsv.cvut.cz .
Responsible person in CR in metrology - Ing. Jiří Lechner, CSc., Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography tel: +420 226 802 330, e-mail: jiri.lechner@vugtk.cz .
3. Documentation of architectural and historical monuments.
The working group will analyse problems of inventarisation, protection and documentation of cultural monuments in individual member countries and develop mutual cooperation and knowledge of individual members about technologies, outputs, legislation and financial sources heading to improve level of quality of newly processed documentation and definition of standard technological processes for creation of the documentation of individual historical monument types. Another goal will be evaluation of experiences in forming interdisciplinary teams from technical and human science specialists from academia and private sector.
Responsible person in CR - Ing. Jindřich HODAČ, Ph.D., CTU in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Depart. of Mapping and Cartography, tel: +420 224354650, e-mail: hodac@fsv.cvut.cz .
4. Partnership between the public and private sector in photogrammetry and remote sensing
Present states have been trying to fight with the economical crises by performing ambitious plans to stabilize financial sector and limit the impact of the economical recession to economy. Investments into projects of the data infrastructure for needs of the state and public authorities and self-government represent an important tool how to keep the economical activity. The Public Privat Partnership can offer efficient ways for realization of data infrastructure projects mainly in the sphere of orthophotomap and vector map of medium and large scales. It is a moment when a connection of important advantages of the private and public sector comes into being in the frame of such created relations. The working group will analyze these trends, spread them and will implement experiences in their own countries to save financial and human sources while preserving quality of data products offered to state authorities.
Responsible person in the Czech Republic - Ing. Václav Šafář, Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography, tel: +420 226 802 350, e-mail: vaclav.safar@vugtk.cz .

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