3. Évenkénti EUSDR Fórum 2014 Bécsben

3rd Annual Forum EUSDR 2014

2014. június 26-27
Bécsi Városháza, Ausztria
The Annual Forum is the main event of the year for the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, assembling its stakeholders from the whole Danube area to give strategic direction, exchange and showcase opinions and experiences, and discuss vital questions of the Strategy’s prospects and challenges.
The Danube Region testifies to the undiminished vitality of the European integration process. The still varying degrees of political and economic integration into the European Union reflect the distinct socio-economic heterogeneity of the region, which represents both a challenge and an opportunity.
We grow together stands for the European goal of economic, territorial and social cohesion that is particularly relevant for the sustainable development of the Danube area. Integration of the Danube region in this sense has the ambition to jointly create a region which is characterised by shared prosperity, inclusiveness and equal opportunities.
Together we grow consequently stands for the conviction that the process of integration will be for the benefit of everybody involved, that inclusive development is a guarantor of peace and well-being, and that co-operation will contribute considerably to the growth and international competitiveness of the Danube Region.

Forrás: www.EUROGI.org
Kiemelt témakörök és szempontok
At the EUSDR Annual Forum 2014, organised by the European Commission together with the Republic of Austria and the City of Vienna, we will look at this twofold topic from different perspectives, touching in particular on the following aspects:
  • Inclusive, sustainable growth as a focus and prerequisite of prosperity
  • Multi-stakeholder European policies for an integrated and competitive Danube Region
  • Governance as a criterion of success for the EUSDR.
Forrás: www.EUROGI.org
EUROGI elnöke az EUDRS Fórumon:
Bruce McCormack június 27-én tart előadást   "Geographical Information: A Key to Integrating, Managing, Analysing and Presenting Data in the Catchment Area" címmel. (Forrás: EUROGI Titkárság, 2014 június 23)              

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