GI_Forum 2009

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GI_Forum 2009
July 7-10, 2009
Second Call for Papers

The Geoinformatics Forum Salzburg (GI_Forum) is scheduled for July 7-10, 2009, at Salzburg University, Austria.
GI_Forum focuses on an international audience that shares an interest in Applied Geoinformatics. This Call for
Papers aims at researchers who design, develop and apply advanced methods and techniques of Geoinformatics
to a broad range of application domains.
Themes & Application Fields
We solicit papers on emerging and established topics and research outcomes related to Geoinformatics
methodology. By no means exhaustive, the list of symposium topics includes advanced geospatial data
acquisition; advanced spatial analysis and knowledge extraction; advanced visualisation and cartography, geo-
ontologies; distributed and mobile services; and dynamic modelling and simulation.
GI_Forum 2009 would also like to attract contributions pertaining to these specific topics:

Digital Cities
are meant to provide collaborative environments built upon a fine resolution 3D digital city and its
infrastructure in presence and future. We welcome contributions about conceptual and computational
solutions in this application area.

Sustainable Environments
Developing and managing our natural, societal and technical environments in a sustainable way is one of
today's major challenges. This includes the generation of renewable energy as well as integrated approaches
to mobility and regional development and the use of geoinformatics as an indispensable set of tools.

Global Monitoring - Observing, Understanding and Visualizing Planet Earth
Global initiatives such as Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) and the EU-ESA joint
programme Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) provide the open stage for creating,
developing and implementing a range of EO-based information services. They build on cutting-edge
technology in data integration and processing, spatio-temporal analysis, information extraction and
visualization while clearly oriented towards users’ needs.

Learning with Geoinformation
We encourage contributions discussing various issues related to geoinformation in education. The bilingual
conference on Learning with Geoinformation will host such contributions in sessions shared with GI_Forum
and in cooperation with the Herodot network. These contributions will be published in separate proceedings.
Submission: Types & Deadlines
GI_Forum 2009 gives authors choices about the type of submission they want to make in order to accommodate
a variety of interdisciplinary contributions. Submissions are expected in English language according to the
formatting guidelines published on the conference website.

Deadline for submission of
full papers for oral presentation and publication in the conference proceedings; and
extended abstracts for discussion sessions: February 2, 2009.

Late deadline for submission of
extended abstracts for poster presentation: June 5, 2009.
We will accept online submissions only, starting from December 2008 at http://www.gi-forum.org/
Accepted full paper submissions will be published by Wichmann Verlag as a book. Extended abstracts for
discussion sessions will be acknowledged in the proceedings.
We are looking forward to your contribution!
Conference Chair: Josef Strobl
Programme Chair: Adrijana Car

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