Nemzeti térképészeti és kataszteri hatóságok munkatársainak figyelmébe: Költségmentes tanfolyam a 'Digitális ikrek' technológiáról

Az EuroSDR felhívásának megosztása az érdekeltek és érdeklődők számára



Dear colleagues,


We are very happy to announce the EuroSDR (online) workshop on 'Digital Twins for National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies and other governmental organisations’. The workshop will be divided over two mornings: 21st and 28th of January 2022. Participation is at no costs.


Aims of the workshop

The aims of our workshop are to exchange experiences and plans from NMCAs and other governmental organisations on Digital Twin-related activities; to discuss the impact of the Digital Twin concept in the geo-information domain; and to identify remaining issues, challenges as well as opportunities. It is not the aim to come to a shared definition on the concept Digital Twin but rather to discuss the meaning of the concept in geo-related research and practice: What are the ongoing DT-activities, what are the use cases, lessons learned, uncertainties, opportunities, etc.


Programme of the workshop

The programme is attached to this email. For up-to-date information, please consult our website.


More information and registration as participant

More information about the workshop as well as the registration form can be found at: http://www.eurosdr.net/workshops/digital-twins-nmcas. Deadline for registration is 11th January 2022.




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