HUNAGI köszöntés első szövegtervezete

A holnapi ünnepi ebédre időközben elkészült HUNAGI köszöntés szöveg-tervezete, ami itt található: 

"Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a privilege for me representing the Hungarian Association for Geo-information at this anniversary ceremony here in Berlin at the second imaGIne Conference.

First of all Congratulation to the main organizer EUROGI, to our host DDGI and to Nordic GI and AERSC for their 20th Anniversary.

20 years ago the European Union have to face threefold challenges „ Employment, Competitiveness and Growth” as Jacques Delors entitled his White Book. Among the response actions DG XIII on ICT made the establishment of  EUROGI possible. As close observer of the developments, some learned societies in Hungary formed and established the interdiscplinary, GI-oriented association HUNAGI in the same year.

EUROGI acknowledged as full member of HUNAGI in 1996. The mutually beneficial link helped HUNAGI to take part the very first GSDI conference held in Königswinter, Germany, to organise the first EC-GIS Workshop outside of the EU in 1998 The synergy of integrated land management and geoinformation was recognized  since the beginning in Hungary: their representatives were invited to Berlin by DDGI to take part on the Bundestag Committee hearing on GI in year 2000 and the Land Administration with HUNAGI organised the very first EC Workshop on Cadastre in 2002 and to host of the 6th GSDI Conference participated by 55 countries. Via EUROGI, HUNAGI had the opportunity to take part in or contribute to numerous EU projects (lastly in EULF and Copernicus MPP) gaining networking experiences and providing knowledge transfer for its 400+ strong member and partner community by using internet and since 2006, thematic blogs and e-Newsletters. HUNAGI is usually invited to the UNGIWG plenaries as well.

The main strenght of HUNAGI is the competences provided by its member institutions and organisations from the golden triangle ie. Government (eg. Space Office, Met Service, FÖMI), academia (about 20 Universities) and the private sector (about 30 SMEs). The mission goal is to facilitate the availability, accessibility and usability of Geographic information.  

HUNAGI links with the governmental agencies are manifold from MoAgriculture to the Hungarian Space Council providing conferences, workshops, competition challenges, advisory service, solutions, reviews and comments during the past 20 years in strategic issues as EU accession, INSPIRE and PSI re-use, land-management related aspects, mapping the corruption or very recently the ESA accession. Similar GI-related strategic cooperation is underway with the Budapest Transportation Centre. GI offers interdisciplinary applications this is why HUNAGI has MoU-based cooperation with communities in the logistics,  intelligent transportation system, the space industry, agroinformatics and urban planning. The Hungarian Society of Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensiong is one of its founder member.

To disseminate information on the new, promising technologies, best practices and trends are vital part of the mission. HUNAGI joined the work of the International Society of Digital Earth in 2003 and in the field of Earth Observation it takes part on the GEO plenaries and the CEOS WGISS representing also the GSDI association.
HUNAGI’s agenda in the last Quarters reflects the busy weeks of the Hungarian GI community: a special session on Competitiveness: space industry incuding EO at the Innotrends Conference, the Spatially Enabled Society-related thematic sessions of the major e-Gov ICT Conference organised by Infotér and the EURISY Workshop on EO/GNSS apps in regional planning.

It is clear, Jacques Delors’ vision on employment, competitiveness and sustainable growth are still valid challenges for the majority of Europe but GI and the advanced technologies around it provide more effective tools as ever for the decision makers.

And the future of GI is much brighter. It is enough to mention the discoveries of cells that constitute a positioning system in the brain which was just awarded by Nobel-Prize in Physiology and Medicin."

Secretary-general, HUNAGI
Berlin, 7th October, 2014

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