Térségi SDI konferencia Prágában

2009. május 12-13
Prága, Cseh Köztársaság
A prágai Károly-híd. Kép: HUNAGI fotógyűjtemény, 2007
A konferencia homlokterében az alábbi témakörök állnak:
• Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe (INSPIRE -principles, advantages)
• Scientific opportunities and trends in Europe, advanced technologies
• LPIS and similar practical uasage of geoinformation
• Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI), up-to-date review, and practical problems.
• Financial sources for GIS and SDI, programmes, funds, methods
• Information and communication technologies for rural and disadvantaged areas
• Living Labs - cross bordering innovation working methods and projects
• Applications for agriculture and forestry
• eLearning and new educational methods for better and more effective usage of geoinformation
• Human aspects of information society development
• Food safety and traceability
• Best Practises (also in poster session) – GI usage and wide implementation into practice
• Shared Enviromental Introduction System
• Global Monitoring for Enviroment and Security (GMES)
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