World Water Summit in Budapest

Attracting about 1400 experts and high-level politicians, one of the most important international conference addressing the issue Water started today in Budapest.
Visit the website here: http://www.budapestwatersummit.hu/
HUNAGI  called the attention of the Japanese JAXA delegation at the CEOS WGISS plenary in Frascati on this event and the unique opportunity to raise awareness on the CEOS Water Portal, which is an enabling tool for implementing some of the Water-related policy actions.  The purpose of the CEOS Water Portal Project coordinated by JAXA is to provide assistance to the water relevant scientists and general users (or non-researchers) in the development of data services associated with data integration and distribution. Data and information are critical in the decision making process from local to global. 
The draft of the Budapest Water Statement is now open for consultation. Please click here.

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